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Sunflower Joy Bouquet

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This item is
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Sunflower Joy Bouquet

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Does anything say summer like sunflowers? This gorgeous bouquet will feature four of the summer icons, plus other beautiful summer blooms in gorgeously vibrant colours. All about their joyous sunflower bouquet > It'll be made be hand Their local florist will choose the freshest, sunniest sunflowers and combine them with other seasonal blooms in bright colours. > Buds are no problem Their bouquet might feature a few flowers still in bud, all it means is that they'll get to enjoy the glory of them blooming. > Expect 7 days of summer sun Their bouquet should bring them sunshine for at least a week, and if it doesn't, we'll sort it. > The packaging is kind to the planet Recyclable or biodegradable and beautiful too. > It comes with a cute card Just let us know your message (we'd suggest something sunny!) > It'll arrive ready to dazzle Their florist will do all the arranging so their sunflower bouquet arrives ready to start beaming straight away.

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